Several government institutions have seemed to have “gone rogue” this past week. After the National Park twitter page tweeted a photo comparing the crowd size of President Obama’s inauguration to Trump’s, administration officials told the page to quit posting for the weekend. In response, the “Alternative National Parks Service” sprang up with many more to follow. There are now at least 50 “unofficial” or “alternative” accounts purporting to represent the views of government staffers or agencies, according to CNN.

The problem lies in the fact that there is no proof or identification for who is running these accounts. A few accounts have stated  they think it best to remain anonymous for security reasons. While this may protect the official – or ordinary rebellious citizen – from scrutiny or termination, it leaves us pondering if these pages will become another fake news propagation.

In light of this, the spirit of American freedom and resistance may be shown through these pages. Perhaps we should not take them seriously just yet, but it will be an interesting outcome.

More to come as information unfolds.