In a recent press-conference, Trump refused to answer a question from CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta, claiming his “organization is terrible” and “fake news.”

The reporter later said on CNN that incoming press Secretary Sean Spicer threatened to kick him out of the press conference, a worrisome proclamation for journalists and media outlets.

In response, CNN President Jeff Zucker said Trump’s actions were meant to delegitimize journalism and claimed CNN’s credibility and reporting is higher than ever.

“It’s just unfortunate that the most powerful person in the world is trying to delegitimize journalism and an organization that plays such a vital role in our democracy,” Zucker told New York Magazine.

With arguably the most powerful man in the world attacking the organization, the people are left questioning whether CNN really is fake news.

It’s relatively easy to spot fake news with a bit of political literacy – albeit a lacking quality among the American people these days. One quick way is to look at the URL: if it ends in “.co” or “.su” it’s most likely a deliberately fake site leeching from credibility of mainstream media outlets.

Despite CNN’s recent controversies (such as this scandal), the news organization seems to remain mostly reliable.

A  study done by PunditFact in 2015 analyzed the Big 3 news networks: Fox News, MSNBC and NBC, and CNN. The results, from the site, are as follows:

“At Fox and Fox News, 10 percent of the claims PunditFact has rated have been True, 11 percent Mostly True, 18 percent Half True, 21 percent Mostly False, 31 percent False and nine percent Pants on Fire.

That means about 60 percent of the claims checked have been rated Mostly False or worse.

At MSNBC and NBC, 44 percent of claims have received a rating of Mostly False or worse.

And as for CNN? It has the best record among the cable networks, as 80 percent of of the claims rated are Half True or better.”

However, as with any information, we must take news from many sources and apply critical thinking. CNN may have been found to be the best out of the 3, but that doesn’t mean it’s the holy grail of news.


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