This picture and subsequent article have been floating around the internet for a while. No matter how you feel about Mike Pence, this article stemmed from a string of fake news sites (Newslo, Religionlo and Politicalo). Such sites use a semi fact based hook to pull you into a manifesto of false reporting. 

As with many fake news sites, they typically start an article with a paragraph of factual information. In this case, it stated that Pence signed anti-abortion legislation:

“The Republican war on women continues unabated. The same week that conservatives argued in the Supreme Court that employers should be able to stop their employees from getting contraception outside of the company health plan, Indiana joined the ranks of states like Texas and Florida in passing a draconian law that purports to protect women, while in fact, endangering their health by making safe abortion much harder to get. And Gov. Mike Pence recently signed it. The bill is stuffed with as many asinine restrictions on abortion with an eye towards making abortion as miserable and humiliating an experience as possible, and ideally something women can’t get legally at all.”

The rest is pure fabrication. He never said women would purposely try to get raped just so they could have abortion or have days off from work.

If it sound completely insane, there’s a good chance it is.