Is lady Gaga another crazed Hollywood occultist? Does she get her talent from Luciferian spirit cooking?


The above Facebook image began circling the internet in 2013 and again following her Superbowl halftime performance. As grotesque and/or cultist as it may look, it’s only an art show the musician happened to attend.

According to DailyMail:

“Gaga, then spotted the woman covered in blood, an onlooker told the NY Post: ‘There was a casket with a totally naked woman laying in what looked like a pool of blood.’

‘On a table nearby there was a row of little spoons — no one had touched them, because no one knew what they were for. [Wilson] gave two spoons to Gaga and Marina . . . and Gaga dipped the spoon right between the artist’s legs, and took a sip.’

She then, ‘proceeded to lick the spoon.'”

Sorry conspiracy theorists, you’ll have to find some other “evidence.”