Once again, our friends at Newslo and Politicott have spread another incredibly false news story.

It’s the same outline as always; beginning with somewhat factual information and quotes and ending with something pulled straight from the donkey’s ass.

Granted, Newslo is open about the fact that they’re a News/Satire hybrid and allow readers to view the real facts as well. However, the problem arises when it’s shared as real news on social media and other sites.

The hybrid site starts the article with (mostly factual):

“Trump senior adviser Kellyanne Conway on Sunday said that mayhem caused by an executive order barring travelers from select Muslim countries was a “small price to pay” for the safety of Americans. During an interview on Fox News, host Chris Wallace asked Conway if the administration had made a mistake by failing to think through the chaos that would be caused by Trump’s executive order, which triggered the detention of permanent U.S. legal residents at airports across the country.”

And ends with the (wholly false) subject matter:

“So, you want to call him racist? Well, here’s what I say to that: being labeled a racist is a small price to pay for being great again, for making this entire country great again. Because, once the storm blows over, the war drums stop beating and the guns go back into their holsters, only then will we have the final tally. And only then will the people of this country realize that Donald Trump is working for them and not against them. True – some people will know that more than others – most notably white, Christian people, but nevertheless – that will be the state of things. And everybody will be ashamed for not having held their tongues,” Conway concluded.”

Always check the sources.