This is perhaps one of the most widespread fake memes shared during the 2016 Presidential election. Yes, it’s somewhat old, but still being shared. And it’s completely false. Stop sharing it.

Although Trump did appear in People magazine on a few occasions during that time, no where in People Magazine’s archives can this quote be found.

According to Snopes:

“Trump’s political endeavors (or the absence of them) did rate some space on the magazine’s pages, though. For example, a December 1987 profile titled ‘Too Darn Rich’ chronicled Trump’s later claims that he had been courted by both Democrats and Republicans:

“‘House Speaker Jim Wright led a delegation to Trump’s office asking him to chair a major fund-raising event for the Democratic Party. Trump is a Republican but gave the invitation serious consideration before bowing to pressure from GOP friends and turning down his Democratic suitors. Beryl Anthony Jr., the Arkansas Congressman who came up with the approach to Trump, was disappointed. “There’s no question he was getting a lot of pressure from the Republicans,” Anthony told a reporter. “It would have given him the opportunity to see if his temperament is sufficient, if he could stand the scrutiny.’”