New studies have emerged showing Rush Limbaugh as one of the least trusted news voices among Buzzfeed and the Glenn Beck Program.

A new study by Pew Research showed that Millenials, Baby Boomers, and Gen X shows that the three generations can at least agree about something: the distrust in several talk show radio voices.

The Washington Post reported that   “Thirty-nine percent of Americans say they don’t trust Rush Limbaugh when it comes to news about government and politics, giving the radio personality the highest untrustworthiness rating of 36 news sources included in a recent Pew Research Center Study. Americans overall are three times more likely to say they distrust Limbaugh than to say they trust him.

Finally, whether you believe They are left leaning or not, here is a list of many Limbaugh statements analyzed by Politifact. Hint: they’re all false, except for one half-truth.

Let’s be real: Rush Limbaugh is not a trusted news source.

He may not be good at reporting news. but he sure is good at riling people up with his [passionate] words and statements.