Arguing about who uses what bathroom is one of the reasons other countries think Americans are so friggin’ stupid.

This article, compared to the structure of my others, will provide logical perspectives to the debate rather than citing statistics about bathroom use, citing different examples, etc etc.

On one hand, liberals believe in using whichever bathroom you identify with. To analyze: this encompasses a woman still equipped with a vagina but feels (“indentifies”) as a man, someone born a woman that’s now a man due to surgery, someone mid-transition, etc etc and vice versa. If this were law, that means someone that looks like a man now (but was born a woman) would be using the men’s restroom. Someone that looks like a man but feels like a woman/wants to or is in the process of becoming a woman would be using the women’s restroom (in which controversy stems). Again, this applies vice versa. As for non binary people (those who don’t identify with either gender), I have no idea which bathroom they’d use (perhaps the family restroom, or they’d create more unisex bathrooms?).

Shit, that’s complicated.


On the right side of things, conservatives hold the belief that one should use whichever sex they were born in. This means that men will use the men’s bathroom, women will use the women’s bathroom, and a woman that surgically changed their gender to that of a man would still have to use the women’s bathroom. That might get weird.

Additionally, they hold the fear that men (and women) may use this as an excuse to use the opposite gender’s bathroom to molest people.

Let’s be real: in a perfect world, everyone would be accepting of everyone, people wouldn’t rape or molest, and everything would be sunshine and daisies. As we all know, however, that’s just not how shit works. I personally don’t understand the transgender phenomenon, whether it’s truly a natural occurrence, a mental disorder (chill snowflake, I’m just exploring ideas), etc etc. With that said, it’s also not my life and I’m not about to tell you where to take a piss.

Perhaps, to ease tensions, we should just use bathrooms that correspond with what we appear to be. If I’m born a man and am now a woman, I should probably use the women’s bathroom. If I’m a man that wants to be a woman but am not yet one, I should probably still use the men’s restroom so I don’t freak people out. Yes, this excludes the fact that perhaps people should accept me  even if I’m in the “wrong” bathroom.

For Christ’s sake, you’re just taking a piss. Chill.