People tend to like and be around people that are like themselves.

While there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with this, it can pose problems…especially when it comes to political views.

Previously we’ve exposed how most liberal or conservative programs/debates do nothing more than bitch and moan about how the opposing side is wrong, wants to destroy America, etc etc. But what’s the cause of such?

Well, other than simple closed mindedness, there are psychological causes rooted in ignorance and defense. From a sociological perspective, we are highly geared towards and dependent upon people in our own social groups.

Taken from a scientific journal analyzing the cause of prejudice towards immigrants: “Because of this, we tend to believe that people who are foreign to us are more likely to pose certain kinds of threats: We believe they may be more interested in taking our resources, more likely to cheat us in exchanges, to violate our norms and values, to take more than their fair share, and the like. These perceptions of threats are linked to negative emotions such as anger and moral disgust that contribute to anti-immigrant prejudices.”

Although said quote was analyzing prejudice towards immigrants, it can be applied to intolerance beyond the scope of immigration.

Have you ever been filled with rage upon watching a debate or hearing someone boldly proclaim their beliefs that were the polar opposite of yours? I have too.

Granted, there are some viewpoints that are so absurdly ignorant and plainly stupid (I’m talking to you, flat-earthers). However, in most viewpoints, it’s increasingly important to remain neutral until you fully understand every side. You may even find a better 3rd or 4th viewpoint not part of the dominating two party system.

Furthermore, what I’m suggesting is not full on hippie love and accepting of everyone and everything. If your friend believes they are “otherkin” and thinks they are a dog living in a human body, tell them you’re there for them while you quietly dial a psychiatrist.


All I’m saying is to analyze every angle with neutrality before forming an opinion. Analyze so you don’t become radicalized in something you hardly know anything about.

“There is a modern myth that holds that true tolerance consists of neutrality. It is one of the most entrenched assumptions of a society committed to relativism,” said Christian writer George Koukl of Stand To Reason.

IF you’d like to read more, here’s a good article about the traits of intolerant/ignorant people: