Recently, KellyAnne Conway made a general comment about the progress of surveillance technology in an interview with the Bergen Record:

“There are many ways to surveil each other now, unfortunately,” Conway said. “There was an article this week that talked about how you can surveil someone through their phones, certainly through their television sets, any number of different ways. And microwaves that turn into cameras, etc. So we know that that is just a fact of modern life.”

From that stemmed massive flack, making fun of her left and right. Don’t get me wrong, the twitter posts are hilarious. If you want to see them, here’s an article.

With that said, it seems like it was blown out of proportion. Sh had read a recent MIT article describing the possible use of microwaves as surveillance cameras. The question asked was specific, but her response was general.

Is she dumb as rocks? Was it a harmless general answer? That’s up to you to decide.