This is a continuation of my previous post in which I detail the Interview I conducted with Mr. Dale Rice, professor and Director of the Journalism Department at Texas A&M University.

Me: How do you get someone out of their radical bubbles?

Dale: What’s really interesting, Jay Rosen again, you should go look at his stuff on thinkprogress. He offered a 9 point plan to try and restoring trust in the media and breaking through this whole mistrust in media. He thinks the media should present all of its evidence so people can go online and look at it so that the evidence has to be offered (he’s talking about mainstream media). Asking the question “What did we miss?” is the third thing that he thought, so you can invite people. Also, asking readers to help investigate, reporting what a story costs to report, and newspapers should sell memberships. Anyways, I think this whole idea about how do you fix this is you have to try and get people to go back to the mainstream news sources. We cant have people just getting all of their news from political sites that are offering positions with which we agree. We need to get back to listening to mainstream media such as CBS news, ABC news, the Washington post, the Bryan College Station Eagle. Reading papers that are trying to print, making a huge effort to print factual news and when they screw up, they print corrections.

Me: What mainstreams or popular news sources aren’t reputable?

I think you can argue a lot over Fox and MSNBC because both have a political agenda. Both, at times, can be a little bit loose on the positions they’re taking or evidence they’re using to support a position. I think that there’s a big leap between Fox and and a site uch as Breitbart. I think there are some places on the right that started as legitimate conservative media that have now moved over to the world of conspiracies, fake news, and total political agenda. Th problem is you have people go to those sites and believe that it’s 100 percent truth.



We’ll wrap up this interview in the next post.