This picture has been gaining traction on social media among the more religious of us. The Bible is ripe with stories of giant races of men, the most known being Goliath.

However, I’m just going to come out and say it: this picture, in no way, is the skeleton of Goliath. Nor has a skeleton of Goliath ever been found.

And yes, I did blur out their names with Snapchat. I’m a good person. Kind of.

“The image displayed above was taken from Worth1000 (now DesignCrowd), a site devoted to hosting contests in which entrants show off their skills at manipulating photographs using digital editing programs. This particular picture was an entry from one of the site’s Archaeological Anomalies competitions, in which entrants vied to create the most realistic archaeological hoaxes: ‘Your job is to show a picture of an archaeological discovery that looks so real, had it not appeared at Worth1000, people might have done a double take,'” wrote Snopes.

The picture was literally designed to be a hoax. Need I say more?


National Geographic themselves even had something to say: “The National Geographic Society has not discovered ancient giant humans, despite rampant reports and pictures.”

Listen, I get it, it’s exciting to see something that looks like verifiable proof of a story in the Bible. But please, for the love of God (see what I did there?), check your information.