These days, mainstream news sources are becoming more and more distrusted. However, “mainstream” is often confused with “biased.” Many times, when one thinks about mainstream news, Fox or MSNBC come to mind. Such sources are inherently biased and unreliable. There’s a whole negative stigma behind “mainstream” news.

However, it is actually many “mainstream” sources that are credible. Let’s take ABC news for example. This is a news source that’s dying, but still mainstream. They present clear and honest reporting from both sides, most of the time, and present no inherent bias. AKA, the way news should be.

Their website content is updated consistently, there are many multimedia options, and is heavily trusted by other sources. MediaBiasFactCheck rated ABC’s factual reporting high, but determined it to be slightly left leaning. Looking throuh the website articles, it doesn’t seem to lean left or right, but to each their own.

Let’s be real – You don’t have to hate and avoid mainstream news, unless it’ heavily biased. It’s really easy to check too. Don’t be afraid of “mainstream.”